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ADR Railmotors

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ADR Railmotors

ADR Railmotors

ADR Railmotors

A page from Andrew Nummelin's personal web site.
Fri 14 Jun 2024


A(N&SW)DR Railmotors

Hopefully, this page will soon have more significant information on my attempts to model the steam railmotors.

railmotor 1 drawing
initial CAD drawing.

To start, I made an initial CAD drawing of car 1 based on published information I had. Subsequently I discovered that the NRM has many engineering blueprints of the chassis and motor unit of car 2 and it is clear that my drawing almost certainly has errors.

link to pdf of Railmotor No. 1 drawing


underframes, valve gear etch
A start.

I'm now working from the NRM drawings but will stick to the body as I've drawn it (unless new information comes to light). As you can see I've still a long way to go!


Please contact me if you believe you could make good use of my CAD drawing and the notes I made about it.